Kato Koichi Official Site



  Koichi Kato

Party Affiliation

Member of the House of Representatives
Elected from Yamagata Prefecture District 4
Elected for 10 sessions

Date of Birth



  the City of Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture


  wife : Aiko, 1 son and 3 daughters


  Cooking / Reading / Karaoke*
*Karaoke; singing to taped orchestra accompaniment


  Live in trying to reveal the truth 

Education & Career

1964 Graduated from Tokyo University (Department of Law)
1972 Member of the House of Representatives (Elected from Yamagata Prefecture District 2)
1978 Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (Ohira Cabinet)
1980 Director, Standing Committee on Rules and Administration, House of Representatives
1981 Director, Agriculture and Forestry Division, Policy Research Council, LDP
1983 Director-General, Election Bureau, LDP
1984 Director-General, Defense Agency, Minister of State (Nakasone Cabinet)
1986 Acting Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP
1987 Chairman, Research Commission on Forestry, Policy Research Council, LDP
1989 Chairman, Research Commission on Comprehensive Agriculture, Policy Research Council, LDP
1990 Chairman, Special Committee on United Nation’s Peace Cooperation, House of Representatives
1991 Chief Cabinet Secretary, Minister Of State (Miyazawa Cabinet)
1992 Acting Secretary-General, LDP
1994 Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP
1995 Secretary-General, LDP
1998 Chairman, Kochikai Faction (Policy Group within LDP)
2001 Chairman, Special Committee on Prevention of International Terrorism and Japan’s Cooperation and Support
2002 – Seceded from the Liberal Democratic Party
– Resigned from the chairman, Kochikai Faction